Thomas Charles (T.C.) Lewis has a background in biology and mental health services with a degree from Wake Forest University.  He first became interested in photography when he took photographs of two geometric murals he had painted in his Baltimore row home.  Photography used to allow him to temporarily exit the hustle-bustle of his own little world and observe the greater world around him. Now he is in the habit of constantly looking for a good shot wherever he happens to be. "And then," as T.C. explains, "'I just shoot at what interests me at the moment,' as the great Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt once said."

T. C. likes to sometimes give his photographs a creative interpretation. His photographs and style have been praised by other industry professionals as iconoclastic. "Tom has a unique perspective; his way of viewing the world is rather unusual. Not everyone can portray the appeal of seemingly ordinary settings in quite the same way as he does. He breaks the mold." Mr. Lewis finds it very personally gratifying, and humbling, when someone tells him they are going to hang one of his photographs on their living room wall.

Although largely self-taught, T.C. is currently pursuing more formal training with the Capital Photography Center, the Smithsonian Institute, and soon with the New York Institute of Photography. He explains, "I have become increasingly critical and dissatisfied with what I can do with a camera. I have a great deal to learn about the fine art of capturing light."

T.C.' s photographs have been featured in several local cafes and a dozen are in the permanent collection of Family Services, Inc. in Gaithersburg, MD.  In addition he won a Special Merit Award from Space Light & Time's Online Gallery's 2014 "All Photography" juried competition.

Thomas Charles Lewis lives in Germantown, Maryland with his wife Shannon, his sister-in-law Amy, and their cat Pineapple.